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Самолет Где и когда
Untitled N977RS
Tivat - (LYTV / TIV)
Piaggio P-180 Avanti cn 1116
Montenegro, Август 10, 2018
Комментарий Автор
The victim of tornado Alexey-SU
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Eugene Dmitriyenko   2018-08-19 22:15:32  
I hope, it is not a victim and it will take off in future…
Andrew Pilipchuk   2018-08-20 11:59:30  
This Avanti was staying like that on parking for almost two month in Tivat. Probably because of investigation. Now he is standing in the corner of GA parking on strut under the wing.
Last time when I was in LYTV, there were three Avanti.
Someone very likes this plane =)
Gurza   2018-08-20 16:44:16  
I think it can be do take of in duture. Avanti is most beautiful plane.

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